Morgan and Main Photography | ABOUT ME


Here's the basics: My name is Amanda, not Morgan- that's my last name ;) I'm head over heels in love with my amazingly supportive husband of almost 10 years, James. We have a beautiful little girl (age 8) who has more energy than she knows what do with! We also have two other 'kids'- our pups! We live in Shepherdsville, KY and although I grew up in a big city, I am loving living in a small town (especially since Louisville is just a few minutes down the road, hehe). I LOVE Disney World. No, I mean, it's borderline unhealthy. I love it! I'm a bit of an introvert until I get behind the camera. I'm a mediocre cook (at best), unless you want chocolate chip cookies- then I'm your girl! Hint: the secret is cornstarch. I believe that anything worth doing, is worth doing the absolute best you can.

I'm sure it goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway. I love capturing images and turning them into works of art. I love working with awesome people like you, and helping you capture memories to preserve for a lifetime. My goal during a session is to seek out and find those moments you live for, the everyday beauty in your life. But, I also strive to capture the moments you didn't realize existed-the tiny peach fuzz hair on a newborn baby, the innocence in your child's smile, the deep love in your husbands eyes for his wife, your own radiant beauty and confidence, perhaps.

Most of all, I want your heart to skip a beat when you look at your images.